Download RiffynTools Add-In for JMP

Download the latest version of the RiffynTools Add-In using the links at the bottom of this article. A summary of each release is also provided below.

RiffynTools V4.082beta - 12 December 2017

Abbreviates unit columns too.

RiffynTools V4.081beta - 11 December 2017

Saves the column name encoding table in a more human-readable format on the data table.

RiffynTools V4.08beta - 10 December 2017

Added utilities for shortening and encoding column names. Procedures are reversible (meaning you can restore the original names after shortening).  Note that the Add Units function does not work on the shortened column names, and the Group Columns function does not work on coded column names.

RiffynTools V4.07beta - 9 December 2017

Improved robustness of process joining for situations when a resource definition ID on either end of a process connection changes across versions. Also tolerates resource type changes between versions, provided type name remains the same (case insensitive). If fails to find connected resources, will issue error list at end of joining, but will join as much as possible. Also gives warning if there is an error in the entered experiment name syntax.

RiffynTools V4.06beta - 7 December 2017

Upgraded for compatibility with the forthcoming release of JMP 14. Maintains backward compatibility with JMP 13. JMP 14 implements HTTP request and JSON parsing support natively. Thus curl.exe installation will not be necessary for Windows users on JMP 14.  Mac users will be unaffected as curl installation was not previously required with JMP 13. Beta versions of JMP 14 may be obtained from JMP via their early adopter program.

RiffynTools V4.05beta - 28 November 2017

Fixed bug were "Sample of" resources were breaking the tagging. Also fixed error reporting bug, and an initialization bug in the createDoE function.

RiffynTools V4.04beta - 27 November 2017

Fixed bug where "both" option in unit annotator was not annotating column names

RiffynTools V4.03beta - 26 November 2017

Adds functions for creating DoEs in JMP using Riffyn properties as factors and then writing the DoE to the Plan for an experiment in Riffyn.

RiffynTools V4.02beta - 26 November 2017

Provides option to save units to JMP column properties instead of to the column name, or in addition to the column name. 

RiffynTools V4.01beta - 26 November 2017

Now supports multi-process joined data tables.  Also adds progress window and fixes an issue where JSON parser was breaking on ™ characters in text. 

RiffynTools V4.00beta - 26 November 2017

Adds a new utility for annotating column headings of a Riffyn data table with unit information from the experiment. Allows for units that vary from experiment to experiment.  

Also reorganized the Riffyn tools menu for cleaner and clearer access to the tools.

RiffynTools V3.041beta - 20 November 2017

Fixed a namespace glitch introduced at the last minute in v3.04b.

RiffynTools V3.04beta - 17 November 2017

Implemented batch writing of single-valued run data.  100X speed improvement. Tagging 8000 runs takes about 75 seconds with the improved method.

RiffynTools V3.03beta - 16 November 2017

Fixed MS Windows compatibility issues for real this time. Windows...GRRRRRR!

RiffynTools V3.02beta - 16 November 2017

Fixed MS Windows compatibility issues.

RiffynTools V3.01beta - 14 November 2017

Fixed multiple bugs with writing to fixed properties, error messages, and dealing with repeated data rows.

RiffynTools V3.00beta - 12 November 2017

Adds the new run/data tagging tool. See this article for instructions on how to use it. Also cleans up the progress windows in the data fetching tool.

RiffynTools V2.22beta - 24 October 2017

Addresses remaining issues left in version 2.21beta

  1. Handles multiply-connected groups. Joins those groups using all connections (AND logic).
  2. Adds option to delete unjoined process tables
  3. Removes redundant connections from JoinMap (precautionary for corrupted connection maps). Ensures robust behavior.  

RiffynTools V2.21beta - 22 October 2017

Major rewrite the builds a more intelligent and automated join.  Capable of handling complex process topologies that would previously result in incomplete

  1. Requires a Master Process to execute the join. Creates connections list for all links in Master Process. (Previously links were missed if a process was linked more than once.)
  2. Allows the same process to be linked into the Master Process multiple times. Distinguishes repeated processes based on GroupID in Master Process.
  3. Merges same-named columns. That means processes with multiple connections will have all their data in one set of columns. Previously multiple connections resulted in repeated sets of columns for the same process.
  4. Annotates columns with process name & 1st four characters of group ID.
  5. Eliminates join type option. Instead uses a smart algorithm. Performs outer join on a process the first-time it is joined-in, then performs inner join any additional times the process is joined.
  6. Allows joining on resource name instead of resource ID (not recommended because not assured to be unique).
  7. Ensures that unjoined rows do not get dropped.


  1. Join using AND logic when multiple resources connect two steps.
  2. Deal with corner cases that may occur with repeated connections/processes and multivalued runs.

RiffynTools V2.20 - 19 October 2017

Adds option to prepend columns with process name. Also cleans up column names. Useful for joined data tables.

RiffynTools V2.19 - 18 October 2017

Better handling of export error when no runs on an experiment. Fixes bug with column ordering leading to failed joins. Other tweaks.

RiffynTools V2.18 - 16 October 2017

Fixed issue with inner joining (which was incorrectly doing an outer join).

RiffynTools V2.17 - 23 August 2017

Fixed issue with process names that contain colons - JMP doesn't support colons in names.

RiffynTools V2.16 - 18 August 2017

Fixed namespace, column deletion, and joining bugs.

RiffynTools V2.14 - 17 August 2017

Fixed grouping bug. More backwards compatibility. Hide intermediate tables. Join without fetching data.

RiffynTools V2.12 - 16 August 2017

Backwards compatibility. Cast 'Loc' function output into a list.

RiffynTools V2.11 - 15 August 2017

Bug fix in the case of master processes with a single connection.

RiffynTools V2.10 - 15 August 2017

Adds automatic joining of experiment and process data tables based on matched resource inputs/outputs between the processes.  Optionally a process template (a "Master Process") can be used to retrieve experiments on linked subprocesses, and to explicitly define the connections between processes as linked processes. 

RiffynTools V2.08 - 10 August 2017

Supports column names that start with the step name or with the step order number + step name (e.g., "# | Step Name ...")



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