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JMP offers its users the ability to extensively customize its interfaces. If you would like to align your JMP interfaces with the ones used by Riffyn's Application Support team, please download, open and run the JMP script attached to this article. You can run the open script in JMP by typing ctrl-r on a PC or command-r on a Mac. You will know you have been successful if line numbers are added immediately to your open copy of the Riffyn JMP Preferences script.


Some notable preferences we recommend:

- Variability Chart: Connect Cell Means, Show Group Means, Show Grand Mean, Mean of Std Dev, Group Means of Std Dev = on

- Oneway: Mean Diamonds, All Pairs, Tukey HSD = on

- Oneway Means Comparisons: Confidence Quantile, LSD Threshold Matrix, Ordered Differences Report = off 

- LSMeans Comparisons: Crosstab Report, Control Differences Report = off

- Fit Least Squares: Show VIF, Scaled Estimates, Plot Residual by Row = on

- Distribution Summary Statistics: CV, N Missing, Robust Mean, Robust Std Dev = on

- DOE: DOE Optimality Criterion = Make Alias Optimal Design, Simulate Responses = on

- Graphs: graph marker size = XL, fast marker threshold = 1e+6

- Reports: "laser pointer" = on

- Tables: Data Filter Show Check, Data Filter Include Check, Data Filter Conditional = on

- General: splash window, JMP Starter window = off

- Script Editor: Show Line Numbers = on



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