Importing matrix data from multiple microtiter plates into Riffyn

If you are using plates in your experiments, odds are the data exported from your instrumentation is in a matrix format. We are working hard to incorporate native import support for such data in Riffyn. In the meantime, the PlateDataReshaper macro-enabled Excel file will help you convert your matrix plate data into a format suitable for import into Riffyn. 

  1. First, download and open the attached Excel workbook. Be sure to enable macros when prompted. Within the sheet there is sample data loaded to show you how to use the sheet. 
  2. The Input Data sheet is used for storing your raw data. Here you can see an example of three plates of data, along with plate description and temperature information. You will notice there are four empty rows between each plate's data. 
  3. The Template sheet is used to describe the layout of the data and how you want to identify the data within Riffyn. You will notice that for the example data, we have indicated where the plate description and temperature values reside in relation to the plate data. 
  4. If you would like the sheet to autonumber the Riffyn run IDs you can indicate as such on the Setup sheet. Otherwise you will need to provide the Riffyn run IDs within the Riffyn Run IDs sheet.
  5. If you have your own sample IDs that you would like to track, you may input them into the Sample IDs sheet (otherwise leave this sheet empty).
  6. In the Setup sheet be sure to indicate the suitable offsets for the data as well as the numbers of rows and columns in your plate. The workbook can accommodate plates up to 384 well.
  7. If you have properly enabled macros, there should be a Plate Reshaper button on the Add-ins toolbar. Press that to run the macro to create your Output Data sheet. Now go to File > Save As... save the data for importing into Riffyn.

Please let us know how this tool works for you. If you have more complicated data-sets we'll be happy to customize for your application.

PlateDataReshaper is Copyright (c) 2016 Riffyn, Inc.

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