A process is the top-most group of steps which describe material flows in an experiment. Access rights and versioning is controlled within a process, data across process steps is stored and merged automatically.

  • Version control - all changes are tracked in a comprehensive version control system as a process is modified and experiments are conducted. Changes to child groups within the process are tracked accordingly.
  • Access control - a process can have access roles for administrators, designers, operators, and viewers. Designers can change and modify a process. Operators can only execute experiments. Viewers have read-only access to the process an experimental data.
  • Data linking - process data, including all version and experiment information, is automatically linked and analyzed at the process level.
  • Process linking - processes can be included within other processes. Groups of steps within one process can also be saved as a separate process (with its own separate versioning and access control); conversely, a linked process can be copied into a process as a group of steps, which allows the linked process to change independently.


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