An output is a resource that is created or modified in a step. An output can be passed to a succeeding step as an input, exported as an output to an enclosing group, or left unused.

In the example below, "Washed Cell Suspension" is an output from the "Wash Cells" step, and is and input to the "Measure OD" step.

Below, the "Washed Cell Suspension" output is exported to the enclosing group. That means it will be available to use as an input for another group or step. Experimental data is stored in the properties of the cell suspension: spectral absorbance, concentration, etc.


Experimental data is stored as properties of the "Washed Cell Suspension" resource - "Spectral Absorbance", "Concentration", etc. Other outputs, like the "Microplate Reader", are not outputted to succeeding steps.

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