Design Mode

Riffyn's Design Mode - for managing process designs. Process designs are distinct from experiments recorded in Measure Mode. An experiment is where you record your experimental data; a process is the structure of an experiment.

Design Mode Basics

Overview of Riffyn's Design Mode - including a tour of the UI and overview of the basic operations.

Designing a Process Flow Diagram

Process flow diagram - outlines the material flow in a process.

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Resources Types

A resource can be a sample, material, ingredient, or instrument being used in a step as an input or output. Resources also serve as components within other resources. Resources typically have a set of properties.


A property is an attribute of a resource or of a component

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A component is a resource that is part of another resource.


A procedure/task is a set of tasks required to complete a particular step in the process. The procedure is found in the sidebar for each selected step. Tasks can include text instructions as well as videos and other media.

Process Versioning

Riffyn tracks changes to processes as versions. Major changes to a process (adding/removing steps or resources) will trigger the creation of a major version. Minor changes (renaming steps, adding properties or components) will result in a minor version being created.

Sharing a Process

Riffyn allows you to share your processes so you can collaborate with others in your organization.

Starting Experiments and Exporting Data

Experiments are specific instances of your process where you can record your experimental data.

Advanced Topics