Measure Mode

Measure mode is a powerful tool that uses processes from design mode to organize and link data across process steps.

Measure Mode Basics

Overview of Riffyn's Measure Mode - including a tour of the UI and overview of the basic operations.

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Adding and Editing Runs in an Experiment

A run captures values for an experimental step. Each run can have resources and property values assigned to it, and can be connected to runs on other steps of the same experiment.

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Resources and Property Values

Resources are a specific instance of a resource type, and property values are the data associated with a property.

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Planning an Experiment

An experiment plan records the planned number of runs, and the expected property values for resources used in each of those runs.

Manual Data Capture

Experimental data can be manually captured.

Capturing Data from Files

Measure Mode has powerful tools for uploading your data to Riffyn.

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Capturing Data from Databases

External Data Sources

The Riffyn Data Agent allows Riffyn to integrate with external data sources (databases, instruments and other online sources) via an encrypted messaging channel to retrieve data and load it on Riffyn processes. Data Agents are configured via the Data Environments section of the Library.

Cleaning Data